Real Estate investments

Moller & Company A/S offers attractive Real Estate investments with prime location in major European cities both arranger of Real Estate transactions and as asset manager.

We are considering Real Estate investments as a long term holding strategy. A thorough analytic approach are fundamental in every Real Estate investments and we use our own developed analytic tool called strategically The Strategic Purchase.

Major investments today are commercial and residential portefolios with good demographics offering value and potentials.


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Finansiel consultancy

The employees at Moller & Company have more than 24 years of experience and qualifications in Real Estate, Finance, Auditing as well as financial management of multinational corporations.


Capital structure / Strategy

Capital allocation and use of capital is material. We structure the transactions in a manner using leverage to enhance the return under strict risk management parameters

We organize financial strategy both by using a traditional approach to Corporate Finance and by using more sophisticated and complicated long term financing strategies.


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